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Pyrite Crystal Stone

We sell Pyrite Crystal Stones, which are extremely potent stones that you should have around for business possibilities and turning them into success. The removal of unfavorable emotions and worries that could be impeding achievement is possible with the use of these stones.


Pyrite Sand

We release expertly crafted Iron Pyrite Powder onto the market. For the manufacture of goods like abrasives and glass, among others, the products are in great demand. At our business, iron pyrite is produced utilizing high-quality ingredients.

Ferro Sulphur

Sulfur contains both iron and sulfur. The amount of sulfur in  Ferro Sulphur might be between 28 and 32 and 48 or 50%. The quality of these ferro alloys is determined by their sulphur concentration. Ferro Sulphur is primarily used in metallurgy to provide steel or any other alloy with the requisite sulphur content. Since elemental sulphur has a low melting point and can accumulate on the surface of molten metal, releasing SO2, they are not utilized in elemental sulphur.

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